Ctrl + N

Create a new document

Ctrl + O

Open an existing document

Ctrl + S

Save changes to a document


Save the document as a new file

Ctrl + P

Print a document

Alt + F4

Close WordPad

Ctrl + Z

Undo a change

Ctrl + Y

Redo a change

Ctrl + A

Select the entire document

Ctrl + X

Cut a selection

Ctrl + C

Copy a selection to the Clipboard

Ctrl + V

Paste a selection from the Clipboard

Ctrl + B

Make selected text bold

Ctrl + I

Italicize selected text

Ctrl + U

Underline selected text

Ctrl + =

Make selected text subscript

Ctrl + Shift + =

Make selected text superscript

Ctrl + L

Align text left

Ctrl + E

Align text center

Ctrl + R

Align text right

Ctrl + J

Justify text

Ctrl + 1

Set single line spacing

Ctrl + 2

Set double line spacing

Ctrl + 5

Set line spacing to 1.5

Ctrl + Shift + >

Increase the font size

Ctrl + Shift + <

Decrease the font size

Ctrl + Shift + A

Change characters to all capitals

Ctrl + Shift + L

Change the bullet style

Ctrl + D

Insert a Microsoft Paint drawing

Ctrl + F

Find text in a document


Find the next instance of the text in the Find dialog box

Ctrl + H

Replace text in a document

 Ctrl + Left Arrow

 Move the cursor one word to the left

 Ctrl + Right Arrow

 Move the cursor one word to the right

 Ctrl + Up Arrow

 Move the cursor to the line above

 Ctrl + Down Arrow

 Move the cursor to the line below

 Ctrl + Home

 Move to the beginning of the document

 Ctrl + End

 Move to the end of the document

 Ctrl + Page Up

 Move up one page

 Ctrl + Page Down

 Move down one page

 Ctrl + Delete

 Delete the next word


 Display keytips

 Shift + F10

 Show the current shortcut menu


 Open WordPad Help


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